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Beehive Field Photographs

'Oooo... these seats hurt my back, Todd!'
Note the uncomfortable bleacher seating. Recieving the 1995 MVP award is Todd Walker, now playing with the Minnesota Twins. See the giant cat in the leather jacket? That is the original version of the Rock Cats' mascot, Rocky.

Trailer press box and the Incredible Expanding Dugout!
This night shot shows Beehive's trailer-style press box, and the home dugout. Notice the players and coaches in the dugout trying to expand the seating area with folding chairs.

Left-Field seating
This photograph shows the playing field and the reach of the seating all the way into left field. Beehive Field had a capacity of 4,700 people. Beehive Field was located in such a way that the concessions and home plate were located in Berlin, and the pitcher's mound was located in New Britain.

Scoreboards and Cigarettes
This picture shows the small 'New Britain Road Garage' scoreboard and the Marlboro Man. The scoreboard is still in use today, as Beehive Field is now used by the New Britain High School Golden Hurricanes baseball team. The Marlboro Man, however, has been taken down. A wing of New Britain High is visible in the background.

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