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Welcome to Clubhouse Chat!

Welcome to Clubhouse Chat! Enter the chat room.

Chat Room Rules

Working to Create a Better Chat Environment

  1. No profanity.

  2. Please try to keep your comments in English; my knowledge of other languages is relatively limited. Non-English mail can be delivered to players, however (see Number 2).

  3. If you'd like to send a message to a player, please e-mail it to me at with the player's name in the subject heading. It will be delivered as soon as possible. Mail in other languages can be delivered to players, but please make it clear for whom the mail is intended. Please note: The baseball season begins April 7, 2000. Any mail sent before this date will be held until April, and then delivered to the player. Keep in mind that any player who was in New Britain in previous seasons may or may not return for the 2000 season. In the event that a player does not come to New Britain during the 2000 season, mail will not be delivered.

  4. If you have a question pertaining to a player's statistics, please e-mail me at . Also, if you are interested in having a message board put on The Clubhouse for statistical queries and whatnot, please let me know. If there is enough interest, I will put one up.

  5. Bring a friend to the chat room and tell them all about The Clubhouse. We are striving to attract more than 100 visitors a day to The Clubhouse's main page!

  6. Have fun!

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