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About the Rock Cats

New Britain Rock Cats: AA Affiliate of the Minnesota Twins

The New Britain Rock Cats are the AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The team has been located in New Britain, Connecticut, since 1995. The New Britain franchise has been in existance since 1983, when owner Joe Buzas moved the team (then in the Red Sox organization) to New Britain from Bristol, CT. Many former Rock Cats have made their way to Minnesota, including, but in no way limited to (in no particular order):
Todd Walker,
Matt Lawton,
Shane Bowers,
Frankie Rodriguez,
Javier Valentin,
David Ortiz,
Dan Serafini,
Travis Miller,
Todd Ritchie,
Travis Baptist,
AJ Pierzynski
Benj Sampson,
Doug Mientkiewicz,
Chad Allen,
Cristian Guzman,
Mike Lincoln,
Torii Hunter,
Joe Mays,
Dan Perkins,
Corey Koskie,
Cleatus Davidson,
Rob Radlosky,
Jacque Jones,
Mark Redman,
Midre Cummings,
J.C. Romero,
Matt Kinney.

2001 New Britain Rock Cats Roster

Here is the list of players are currently playing in New Britain.
Player Position 2000 Team (Class)
Grant Balfour (on DL) RHP Fort Myers(A)
Matt Carnes RHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Thomas Howard LHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Adam Johnson RHP Fort Myers(A)
Kyle Lohse RHP New Britain(AA)
Bryan Malko (on DL) RHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Lee Marshall RHP New Britain(AA)
Ryan Mills LHP Quad City(A)/New Britain(AA)
Micheal Nakamura RHP Fort Myers(A)
Kenny Pumphrey RHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Juan Rincon LHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Saul Rivera RHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Brad Thomas LHP Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Brandon Marsters C Fort Myers(A)
Jeff Smith C New Britain(AA)/Salt Lake(AAA)
Ramon Borrego IF Fort Myers(A)
Michael Cuddyer 3B New Britain(AA)
Kevin Hodge IF Fort Myers(A)
Juan Lorenzo IF Fort Myers(A)
T.R. Marcinczyk IF Modesto/Sacramento 
Fort Myers(A)/New Britain(AA)
Tommy Peterman 1B New Britain(AA)
Ruben Salazar IF New Britian(AA)
Papo Bolivar OF New Britain(AA)
Dustan Mohr OF Fort Myers(A)
Michael Restovich OF Fort Myers(A)
Nestor Smith OF Fort Myers(A)

Beehive Field and New Britain Stadium

Prior to 1994, New Britain franchise games were played at Beehive Field, a rickety wood-and-metal ballpark. While Beehive Field was state-of-the art for a minor league ballpark of the early 1980s, it was unable to keep up with newer ballparks of the 1990s. Concessions were sold at carnival-style booths far from the playing fields, most fans sat on hard metal seats without backs, dugouts and clubhouses were small and cramped, and the press box was little more than a restroom-less trailer behind the third base seats. The restrooms were small, and women in particular were faced with long lines for the facilities. Beehive Field had a capacity of 4,700 fans. Pictures of Beehive Field

When new regulations were set for minor league ballparks, New Britain Stadium was the result. The stadium has a roofed, attached concourse, an air-conditioned, large press box with a restroom, large restrooms for men and women, and a full-sized, indoor souvenir store. Both teams have spacious clubhouses and training rooms, and the Rock Cats have an exercise facility. Unlike Beehive, where bullpens were a dirt and gravel area in front of the outfield general admission seating, New Britain Stadium's bullpens are fenced-in areas to the side of the lower-tier reserve seating. Twelve skyboxes provide an elegant ballpark experience, and New Britain Stadium also features comfortable box and reserve seating. General admission seats are still bleachers, but the bleachers are made of a hard, durable plastic with metal backrests. Pictures of New Britain Stadium

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