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Last updated April 11, 2001

Upcoming games at New Britain Stadium: April 13-15 vs. Portland Sea Dogs ..... April 16-19 vs. Norwich Navigators (April 18 at 12 Noon) ..... April 23 vs. Minnesota Twins (5:00PM ..... April 24-25 vs. Trenton Thunder ..... April 26 vs. Portland Sea Dogs (11:05 AM) ..... April 30-May 2 vs. New Haven Ravens. All Sunday games at 2:05 PM. All weekday games at 6:05 PM unless otherwise noted. Times and dates subject to change.

Welcome to The Clubhouse, the OFFICIAL Online Home of the New Britain Rock Cats Booster Club. By browsing through the Clubhouse, you can...
Rock Cats Logo
get directions to New Britain Stadium, see the Rock Cats 2000 schedule and get Rock Cats ticket information
view the 2001 Rock Cats Roster
learn more about the New Britain Rock Cats, the AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins
see pictures of the Rock Cats and New Britain Stadium
follow links to other Rock Cats-related websites
chat about the Rock Cats and send e-mail to the players
play an exciting game of sports trivia

So, take some time to browse through The Clubhouse. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think of our Web-Wide home. And don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Booster Club Links

This list of links will take you to the rest of the site. Keep checking back to The Clubhouse, because new links are always being added!!!!

Coming soon! View the 2001 Rock Cats Home-and-Away Schedule

UPDATED!! 2001 Rock Cats Roster

Meet the Rock Cats
Learn about the Rock Cats, their players, and New Britain Stadium. Read about the latest additions to the Minnesota Twins' roster. See the 2001 Rock Cats roster (UPDATED)

2001 Rock Cats Schedule and Ticket Information
View the Rock Cats' 2001 home-and-away schedule (coming soon). Also, get ticket information and directions to New Britain Stadium on this page (updated soon).

Related Links
Visit other baseball and Eastern League sites.

Clubhouse Chat and Player E-Mail
Chat about the Rock Cats, the Booster Club, or baseball in general with other fans. Also obtain information about sending e-mail to Rock Cats players.

Uproar! Sports Trivia Applet
Play an exciting game of sports trivia, sponsored by Uproar! Questions are rotated weekly, so keep coming back to The Clubhouse!

Clubhouse Advertising
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Clubhouse Sounds
Download our background music for your webpage, computer, or other personal use! Just click on the above link and follow any directions you are given. Our music was given to us by the Santurce Crabbers of the Puerto Rican Winter League.

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